What You Don’t Know About Australian Airports


Australia is a great place for travel and leisure, but their airports share the common woes most airstrips do. We may have seen news about them once or twice about being strict with food exports—and for good reason, too.

It’s a great continent, but what do we expect about landing in Australia?

Passport Control

After alighting the plane, expect a line through passport control. It’s usually well-guided by signs and even airport staff, but a queue is always waiting to happen.

Baggage Transfers

You’re quite in a pickle for this one. There is no interline exchange with baggage transfers. Meaning, you have to allot time and effort into picking up your checked-in baggage from your primary flight to your connecting flight.

Terminal Transit

You have to take into consideration the spaces of the terminal. If you’re boarding on one terminal and you’re in another, you might not be able to go there on foot. Allow time and look for systems that can take you there. You need to put some allowance on this.

Knowing these “insider” or “experiential” insights is important in making arrangements. Tell us, how are you planning for your trip to the land Down Under?