The Busy Girl: Nail Trends & Colors


If you’re one to be always on the go and always mindful of her budget, low-maintenance manicures are the way to go. These, fortunately, exist despite so many complicated nail trends that won’t ever let you work without struggle and the cash.

We’ve come up with several items that may help you choose the functional and aesthetically-pleasing nails you have always wanted:

Two-Toned Colors

Aside from never getting out of style, ombre nails are well and good for topping up later, and it’s a good use of time!

Newspaper Prints

This may be one of the things we first learned even when we’re kids, and making a professional do it will make it seem even more fun!

Clear with Gold Accent

It doesn’t get any more low-maintenance than this! Put a layer of clear polish before adding a line or anything that you may fancy that is in gold. It’s classy and it’s simple enough to do in less than 20 minutes.


Go geometrical! While more complex patterns are available, you can always opt to do some cute shapes on your nails.

At the end of the day, what matters is how comfortable you are with your nails. So choose the best ones that make you feel good and make you work better!