Surviving Office Parties

Ah, it’s that time of year again. The Holiday Party is all the buzz in the office—and you are either stoked or not a party person. We get it, we know the holidays have different ways to blossom. But if you’re worried about stinking up your work party in one way or another, here are some things you might want to remember:

Stay hydrated!

Drinking water regularly isn’t necessarily a thing we do consistently, but it’s extremely important to get the H20 coming in this tiresome time.

Have a big meal before drinking.

Don’t wait ‘til you’re so hungry to eat something, especially with all the booze present!

Make an effort and connect.

You could dress up a bit better than usual for your holiday party, or try to talk to colleagues who you’ve never talked to before. It’ll only expand your horizon.

Keep it classy.

Hey, the drinks and activities may be flowing, but don’t get too caught up in all the partying that you get sloppy—or worse, get messier than the boss. Oops!

So, you about ready to rock your office party? Keep your head up high and give yourself a chance to have fun!