10 Timeless Fashion Piece

One of the first things we learn when building a wardrobe is to start with the staples and the timeless wear that won’t ever lose their sparkle. These should be in our seTs before we dive into the new and chic—a solid placement before the trendy and colorful. Picking the right pieces isn’t as complicated, but it requires some consideration to always look in-season. Here are some suggestions before you begin building your closet:

  • Little Black Dress
    • The first thing a woman should have at her disposal is a little black dress that suits any occasion.

  • Dress Shirts
    • Neutral-colored (especially white) dress shirts define versatility from work to play.

  • Basic Tees
    • Going for a fun day out or just going crazy with mixing-and-matching? These will be right there with you.

  • Cardigans
    • Talk about all-season clothing material. Drape it over your tops if you’re cold or just want that fall vibe.

  • Skirts
    • Better to store different lengths to pair with any kind of top.

  • Tights
    • Only high-quality material because these go with everything! It can turn any ensemble chic, classy, or fashionable.

  • Jeans
    • Get your old-time, denim jeans for white shirts, basic outings, etc.

  • Blazers
    •  Get at least one black blazer for meetings or just night outs when you want to look extra sleek.

  • Camisoles
    • The easiest top to ever don and pair with anything ever.

  • Casual to Formal Pants
    • Cop a pair of pants that seamlessly transitions from day to night.

    Ready to have these fashion essentials, yet? Let’s get shopping!