Classic Spring Beauty Looks

If there’s one thing that never strays from the traditional spring feeling, it’s spring makeup. The theme this year goes all out on highlighting, ultra-bronzing, and looking all peachy-fierce and fresh! Feel free to play around colors as it’s especially welcome this season of sun-dresses and everything fruity.

Some suggestions to help you out:

Colored eyeliner

Time to get out of your comfort zone and start with a brightly-colored eyeliner! This is usually done for bold statements at runways but anyone can do it with the right attitude!

Vibrant mascara

Take your beauty exploration a step further and try on some colored mascara! It goes with ever-soft makeup and stained lips.

Sun-kissed bronzer

Bronzing has been a staple this year and it’s even greater with peach-toned eyes and lips!

Bright lips

Are you ready to try intense reds and plums? How about fuchsia? Because they are literally on everyone’s lips especially this season. No better time than spring!

Classic spring makeup is ironic in some way, as they’re bold and a little bit out there. You won’t have any shortage of fun though—makeup is personal and it’s time to get just a smidge of amusement.