A Quick Guide: Spring Fashion 2019


The trends are settled! From street styles to couture, the spirit of spring fashion is more fabulous than ever. We’ve got various hues of oranges to tans and greens for some, sort of like a preview of autumn colors that’s got zest and will go out with a bang.

Last year’s fashion exhibits set the iconic looks for this year. For things to try and copy this season, read below:

Puff Shoulders

Puff shoulders (and off-shoulders) definitely made the list of iconic fashion moments this year. Taylor Swift donned a pastel gown with puffy sleeves on the TIME 100 Gala and this almost seemed like a theme at the Emmys!

Oversized Blazers

The ‘80s called—and they’re glad big blazers are back in style again! This makes for a structured, chic look that won’t have you putting on too much work. It’s as sleek and stylish as its accompanying accessories.


Ah, this is a bit tricky, but if you live for bold prints you can wear a suit of colored tartan.

Cycling Shorts

Like all things in fashion, this trend is back again. It’s usually best paired with jackets or blazers with bold prints to make a vibrant statement.

So, you’re ready for your next shopping trip? Let’s get those stashes refreshed!