5 Ways to do Spring Cleaning at work


Spring is undeniably the best season for any sort of purging. There’s just something about the environment that gets us moving as it’s not too hot or cold. Just the perfect temperament to have everything in line for checking, working, and aligning.

This feeling is especially evident at work, where re-arranging is almost like a tradition this time of year. And where do we look first? Our workspaces. Here are five ways to revitalize the energy we need to be our best:


If you have been at your desk for a month or two, chances are you’ve got some stuff lying around that’s just taking up vital space. Consider putting them anywhere else.

Toss away everything not important

No need to hold to useless things put them in the junk pile. Working is easier that way.

Organize your drawers

Maybe do some re-assessment on what to put on the drawers. Do it in a way that’s functional to your needs.


Get down and get cleaning! Use some products that are good for the quality of your desk and actually wipe stuff up.

Add plants or knick-knacks

Now that you’ve done some clearing, time to add significant items! It could a desk plant or some frames, but keep it minimal and manageable.

The neater the place, the better it is to breathe. Here’s to productivity!