8 Tips On Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

We live in modern times where everything and everyone seems to be in an arm’s reach. Technology made long-distance relationships feasible and even thrive under the right conditions. Sadly, that’s not all it takes. Commitment is still complicated and new things just breed new problems.

Want a long-lasting relationship? Consider doing these things:

  • Manage expectations - from both sides.

  • You’re not going to be on the same planes - schedules, moods, etc. So it’s best to set things upfront to avoid miscommunication.

  • Take initiative.

    Don’t miss the chance to always reach out! It’s not a weakness, it’s rather a sign of solid effort which plays well later.

  • Be creative!

  • This refers to the way you’re talking, gifts you’re giving, and more.

  • Be as expressive as you can.

    If you’re mainly communicating online, there may be some things lost in translation. Do more of expressing your feelings - that almost always never hurts.

  • Try and get together as much as possible.

    Schedule visits! Quality time is important.

  • Stay honest.

    It’s easy to get lost, right? Try to do the right thing and don’t lie or hide anything.

  • Make sure you want the same things.

    If you want a serious relationship, you have to be certain that you have the same end goals. Otherwise, you’re just wasting each other’s time.

  • Always focus on insightful communication.

    There’s chatter and there’s actual communication. Choose to be on the same team and work on the problem, not turn against each other.

  • Relationships are hard work. You need to put enough time and effort into making it grow - and you have to be able to want to put in what you get out of it.