How-To: Wearing Tights The Right Way

Tights are extremely comfortable and versatile, which is why we can wear them in almost any way we want. But should we? There are a lot of misguided ways to don tights, leggings, or any kind of legwear that we can name. Just because it’s cozy like sweatpants and covers like regular pants doesn’t mean we should pair it with ensembles with no thought at all.

So, how do we do tights the right way?

DON’T wear them like jeans or pants

As we mentioned, tights are not jeans, pants, or joggers! They might be comfortable but do not ever use them as a bottom for casual shirts that you wear for groceries or just a night in.

ALWAYS go for long tops

If you really want to wear tights on their own, you got to have long tops that reach three to four inches higher than your knee.

GO with the appropriate length of skirt/s

Tights are always chic with skirts, but careful not to pick ones that are too short or too long.

CHOOSE sensible patterns and prints

Not all whimsical accents work. Always opt for a pair that’s classic and easy on the eyes.

In any case, these are just suggestions. If you can rock any look with tights, do it! It’s all in the confidence anyway.