Travel Smart with Oohlalaa

There’s nothing worse than picking clothes to pack for an incoming trip. Why? Because we want them to be light, stylish, and comfortable all at the same time. And if that’s not enough, we have to squeeze in just enough to make our baggage allowance.

We can make comfortable happen, however, if we only put in enough thought to what we’re bringing. For instance, outfits with stockings, tights, or any chic legwear go with everything. They’re also lowkey, classy, and will have us looking like celebrities strutting out of the airport.

Take a peep at some ensemble ideas below:

Cozy and casual

Pair a long top with black tights for a tied-up look. Add a scarf for accent.

Cheeky and modish

Go with a pullover, a nice skirt, and some comfortable boots. Sheer black stockings should complete your ensemble.

Naturally pretty

Try a combination of a sleeveless top and a pair of cute shorts. Any variation of tights will blend in nicely if you color-coordinate.

Classic and girly

If anything else won’t work, don a nice, twirly dress that goes best with your skin. The color of stockings should be adjusted to the hue of the dress for the best results.

Dressing up shouldn’t be hard—and Oohlalaa Hosiery knows that. Our selection of stockings ranges from timeless designs to high-end lines. Trust us to have your necessities wherever you are, however you may need them.