Remarkable Hosiery Fads of 2019

Who says you need to spend a fortune to look like a fortune? Any variation of hosiery can definitely up your look into the stylish, timeless ensemble you decide to throw on. This 2019, though, we’ve got a share of bold and subtle hosiery trends that have made their mark on the fashion scene. Here are some examples:

White tights

Believe it or not, this actually looks good when you wear the right items. It’s been worn by several celebrities who are mostly making a statement.

Patterned stockings

“Name” tights were a thing in 2018, but patterns aren’t invisible this 2019. They’re usually dots, lines, and sometimes even bold prints with solid background colors.

Sheer floral stockings

Ah, this must be one of the prettiest trends to have ever exist in hosiery wear! True to its name, it usually has flowers on with pastel colors. Best pairs with aesthetically-pleasing, modern outfits younger people are drawn to.

Crochet tights

As it could be thicker, it’s perfect to be worn on colder weather! Crochet hosiery also has interesting prints and could be tasteful depending on the combination of clothing.

Hosiery remains to be one of those all year ‘round things, so no worries about them disappearing anytime soon. These trends only give color to wardrobe staples, which is oftentimes needed.