Hassle-Free Travelling During a Pandemic


Are you gearing up for an essential trip in the coming days? It can be extra challenging to do the necessary preparations now more than ever. Here, we prepared some tips on how to lessen the stress on traveling in this pandemic.

  1. Did you check official Government guidelines in your country and the country that you will be visiting? It is but wise to start from top to bottom these days. Read all official state regulations on quarantine protocols, infection hot-spots, and other details at the location you intend to visit. It goes the same with your country of origin. Some states have stricter travel restrictions than others.
  2. Have you reviewed your medical insurance policy? Review your insurance terms and conditions thoroughly. Make sure to contact your provider for any questions or clarifications before your scheduled flight.
  3. Have you read the latest WHO update? The WHOs website has never been busy since the crisis started. Make use of all the information you can get from the site as much as you can. Print out the most relevant data for your trip in case you encounter connectivity issues on the road.
  4. How is your overall health? Your health and safety is the utmost concern, so make sure that you are at the peak of your health. It is best to consult your doctor and let them know of your travel plans.
  5. Do you have free cancellation or rebooking for your flight and hotel accommodation? Carefully review your travel insurance restrictions, cancellation or rebooking policy even before anything gets canceled or reset.

As the world tries to move forward, the new normal may not feel orderly. As with any life-changing situation, it may seem chaotic at times. Be prepared for delays along the way (from flights, accommodation, food services, and practically anything.) Above all, stay safe and be a responsible citizen anytime, anywhere.