From Stay at Home to Return to Work: How to Stay Sane and Healthy During the Pandemic

As the world slowly returns to work, employees and employers are more than eager to become productive again. It may still be a long way off the tunnel, but whatever precautions, kindness, and advancements we do matters not just today but in the coming months. 

Reboarding orders are always a welcome development. But how do we stay sane, healthy, and mentally prepared for what lies invisibly ahead?

Here are some simple but always effective ways to keep a healthy mind and body while working in a pandemic.

  1. Follow standard hygiene protocols. It is scientific and keeps yourself and others safe from any disease.
  2. Take it easy. Some customers (and bosses) can be more demanding these days. Just take each case one at a time and check it off your list once done.
  3. Enjoy your break time. Do things that will take your mind off from work during rest days. 
  4. Stay connected. Regularly check on friends and relatives and communicate your thoughts.
  5. Eyes on the ball. Your job is part of a vast economic machine, and everyone is doing their part. Stay focused and determined to do your best.

Be grateful for the opportunity to still function, earn, and serve even during these challenging times. It is normal to be anxious, but try and find ways to no let it overwhelm you.