OH! Club

We are pleased to introduce to the world, from three of our genuinely innovative hosiery offerings.

Our Core hosiery, a favourite with flight attendants since its launch, is now available via a subscription service. Have your quality, comfortable stockings delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world every month, hassle free.

Our Fashion hosiery From the fashion capitals of the world, OH! brings together a fashion forward leg-wear collection seasonally, featuring the most beautiful designs and yarns available in a pallet of on trend colours.

Our Lux Hosiery is the focus on fine ‘feel good’ fabrics and trims, purity and clean lines highlighting strength and femininity with ease of wear. Never before has ultra-sheer hosiery of such luxury been available at price so affordable you can wear them every day

  1. Choose your style
  2. Choose your size and colour
  3. Get fresh hosiery delivered free every month at your doorstep with easy cancelation anytime