Women Supporting Women


Contrary to popular belief, women empowerment isn’t just a buzzword. It’s more than just a social media trend in a society where women have been taught to put down and compete with one another instead of helping each other for the better. Today, efforts of women supporting other women have been coming into fruition in wonderful ways we have come to see.

This is especially true in important organizations advocating for collaboration between women for the more realized social transformation the world sorely needs. Here are some of the groups fighting the good fight:

UN Women Australia

Recognized by the United Nations, UN Women Australia is a global representation for women and girls. They’re aiming to empower women through various means while advocating for gender equality by raising awareness and funding causes for beneficiaries across the globe.

National Council of Women Australia (NCWA)

The National Council of Women Australia (NCWA) is an entity backing the education of women and girls to both their duties and rights.

CARE Australia

CARE promotes women empowerment by shaping a better future for women and girls on a global scale. They have programs that help end violence, add more learning opportunities, and gain better handle of basic services.

As they say, “Empowered women, empower women.” Support other women for its effects on economic growth and positive social ramifications—and have more fun with your newfound allies.