Useful tips for creating a day-to-night outfit

day outfit to night look

It's that season again when straight from the office, regular gatherings, meet-ups, and date nights are set left and right. The common problem these days: Changing your entire outfit to match the occasion! It's never fun to always toss clothes everywhere while switching outfits.

But change no more, and just switch a little! Why transform into an entire wardrobe when swapping pieces is all you need? Below are our tips for how to create a stylish yet straightforward day-to-night outfit!


  1. Your anchor pieces must be classic. Every outfit needs parts that are versatile enough to be worn easily. It may be denim, a little black dress, leather boots, or pearl earrings to make the outfit stand out any day or night. These pieces should keep the same day-to-night look, making the process of changing simpler.
  2. Keep the Day and Night rules in mind. Night outfits are glam or edgy. Day outfits are more comfy, casual, and effortless. So, if you wore sneakers to work and have a date night afterward, make sure to bring heels, a leather jacket, and some lovely jewelry for the occasion. Planning is the key!
  3. Add some drama to the shoes. It's simple - sneakers, casual boots, and plain flats are for day events. A night outfit needs to have glitz and glamour, so think stilettos, chic sandals, heeled boots or sparkly flats!
  4. Accessorize appropriately. Scarves, simple necklaces, and denim jackets are casual for day outfits. For night-outs, statement necklaces, earrings, seamlessly cut and edgy, leather jackets, and fancy clutches or handbags.
  5. Transform your hairstyle, from simple pony to big curls, or add some highlights or eyeliners to your makeup. Maybe, darken your lipstick and add some more mascara for the night.

Easy? Day to night looks are as manageable as combining the right statement pieces, putting on the perfect pair of shoes, or dressing up your basics. Just have fun with it and enjoy all the upcoming December parties!