The Do's and Don'ts of Wearing Tights

Hosiery season is all year round. But shopping for new tights and choosing what to wear with your outfit can be tricky at times. Everyone wants to look great with a chic pair of legwear, but not everyone knows how. To help you understand hosiery fashion better, here are some do’s and don’ts for you to consider when styling your outfit with this trendy fashion item.

DO start with the classics: sheer nude and opaque black.

You can never go wrong with these shades. Tried and tested by many celebrities and runway models, these hosiery staples look good in almost anything! Pair them with a dress, a pair of shorts, a cute mini skirt, you’ll only look more sophisticated than you already are. For more, you can also wear these shades anywhere, whether you’re rocking an elegant work outfit or you’re just strolling around the city in your hip street style outfit. Oohlalaa Hosiery has the perfect classic shades for you to try--Bronte Bronze, Bondi Tan, and After Dark. These may be the simplest hosiery shades, but they’re also the reason why stockings have not gone out of style in decades, they make any outfit classy and sophisticated.

DO carefully consider the hue.

Minimalist fashion is today’s fashion trend, but this also allows for outfits with a pop of color to stand out. But not all color combinations look great together, some seem to blend really well, but some just make you look like a confusing piece of abstract art. When you mix black, white, brown, or gray with anything, they look amazing. But when you mix two colors not involving any of the aforementioned hues, that’s when things get a little tricky. Blue and pink can mix in an overwhelming way when they’re both in a dynamic shade, but when you put soft pinks and blues together, you’re in for a sweet treat! Remember to make colors work for each other and not against each other. Check in on your outfit’s overall color scheme twice before leaving the mirror!

DON’T be afraid to go with dark ones.

You can never go wrong with dark-colored stockings, especially when you’re wearing a bright outfit. We’re not just talking about opaque black, but different dark shades of black, gray, brown, blue, etc. Black legwear, however, is particularly chic in any outfit, and they also make your legs look slimmer and longer! Don’t think it’s dull and boring to choose dark legwear, it’s simple and elegant at the same time. You also don’t have to worry about having colors in your outfit clash with overwhelming hues.

DON’T go for white tights.  

Unless you don’t want to look like you’re a 9-year old, you might not want to go with white stockings. If you want it simple and elegant, choose sheer nude.

DON’T pair athletic sneakers with your stockings.

You don’t want people to think you’re going for a run (unless you really are). So if you’re wearing tights for a casual look, try pairing them with flats, everyday sneakers, or even different types of heels for an edgier street look. They also look good with boots—knee high, combat boots or ankle high!

DO match the color of your tights to your shoes.

Black with black. Nude with nude. Tan with tan. And so on! This creates continuity in your outfit and makes your legs look longer--especially with pumps and stilettos!

DON’T say yes to low-quality hosiery.

We know it’s tempting to spend less in order to buy more, or spend less in order to save up for something. But low-quality hosiery just won’t do, you don’t want it tearing up and laddering after one use. And you definitely don’t want this accident to happen while you’re out on a long day or while attending a special occasion. High quality hosiery is an investment--especially if you keep a stock of your staples, which never really go out of style.

DO have fun and get comfortable with your legwear!

Stop looking around and being anxious with how other people see your style. It’s not about what you wear, it’s how you wear it. So stand tall, walk with confidence, and rock those tights!

Don’t be afraid to fill your shopping bag with different types and colors of tights, you’ll never know how much fun and flair it can add to your wardrobe. There’s a whole lot of tips and tricks when wearing tights, which can surely help you make better outfit choices and look like a voguish model who just stepped out of an editorial magazine. But you shouldn’t let these fashion rules limit you, don't be afraid to be original, don’t be afraid to wear your own style and character.