Style Guide: Choosing the Right Stockings

Ever tried wearing the wrong stockings and resulted in a fashion disaster? With stockings being one of the necessary accessories to make your legs look fantastic and smooth, choosing the right kind for your attire is always a challenge. Never go wrong again with these few simple tips!

Tips to choose stockings:

Always know the correct size in a quality brand. Stockings that fit right and good quality will fit your legs comfortably. A good quality pair of stockings can never do you wrong. You will feel nice and walk with confidence 

Look for stockings that match your shoes. Your shoes should be a shade darker than your stockings. Nude sheer stockings give your legs a nice, smooth and clean look and the nude shade goes well with almost everything you wear.
With short dresses and skirts, or clingy outfits, pantyhose is a good option. Stockings that stay up on their own can be more attractive and comfortable than the pantyhose. 

The durability of your stockings is another factor to be considered. Good hose can be expensive, but the splurge is worth it.
For knee-length skirts, sheer stocking will go the best. It is not advisable to wear opaque stockings with this length of your skirt. Wearing nude stockings with very short skirts may not be a great idea either.


With these easy tips, you can find yourself a good pair of hosiery that will never feel uncomfortable for you ever again. Feel good and amazing and stylish as you walk down the streets.