Raising Empowered Women

“Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad” 

Fashion is always changing with new trends and cliques here and there. With every accessory or fashion, there are going to be new takes on new dimensions such as bags, footwear, clothes, hosiery, cosmetics, hairstyles, shades and much more. All accessories have a possible variety of ways of leaving an impact on your looks. 

Is it the shoes you want to talk about? The ones with the way that give those clothes of yours that final touch it needs towards making you look saucy and gorgeous? Or is it the use of cosmetics you want to be enlightened on? 

The cosmetics trends is just something else. But do you know what really makes these trends unique?  It is nothing else but the new wave of fathers going the extra mile in order to make sure their daughters are being empowered. Fathers who provide them the appropriate tools in fashion in order to make them look great. They set an example to little girls and teens out there.

And that is really amazing! I always have this mindset that mothers are meant for such things but, with this recent rise in trends in the fashion industry, fathers are the ones to get the credit this time around. A true eye-opener for other fathers out there. 

A perfect example would be the founder and feminist, Bill Xiang, who owns RealHer. A makeup line that was created alongside his daughter, as well as other women. It was clearly stated that Bill has been working in the cosmetic industry for more than 10 years and it was only until he was birthed a daughter that he realized the importance of being a feminist with him uttering that;

“ I created this brand for my daughter. I want to be her role model; I want to work hard for our brand to give her the best influence from a father. I try to build the brand to influence the women the way I would want my company to inspire my daughter; inspire her to become independent, successful and fulfilled,  without telling her she isn’t enough “.

What a great way to empower! I think all girls, teens as well as women can be empowered through this. Kudos to the fathers out there!  Bill Xiang is really making you proud.