On-The-Go: Skincare in 5 Minutes or Less

Despite today’s skincare trends, most don’t have the time to do a minimum of 10-steps when it comes to day or night routines. The good thing about it, however, is you can personalize the works and it doesn’t have to be “such a job.” If you’re pressed for time to do anything fancy, just apply the essentials. Here’s how:


No matter how in a hurry you are, this is the ONE step you shouldn’t ever skip! Wash your face and neck with your trusted facial wash (not soap!) to purify the canvas before going into your routine. You can also do this with wipes if you’re so wiped and don’t want to get up to splash water in your face.

Double Cleanse

Cleanse with micellar water (helpful if it doubles as a toner) every after cleansing because a clear face stems primarily from clean skin!


Have your holy grail of a moisturizer ready, no matter the season! Both cold and warm weather requires skin hydration.

OR Protect & Moisturize

Finally, you can swap your regular moisturizer for one that has sun protection! This depends whether you’re doing day or night skincare.

And there you go! Fresh-faced for 5 minutes—and still well-protected. Your old self with thank young you later!