Met Gala 2019: The Camp


I needed 3 fashion translators to which they tell me what this theme means.
They're all but different answers. To summarize it according to my couture brain can rack, The Camp is a mix of extravagance, ostentatious, debauchery with a combination of today's pop culture and high fashion. Sounds like a mix and match of everything? But yes, it is! You have Lady Gaga doing a story tell entrance, with the Jenner sisters looking all sorts of eye candy, and Kim Kardashian sticking to who she is with husband Kanye West. Nude tones and Glam legs, Kim led the short dress rally among the array of atelier gowns.

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 Alexa Chung
Nina Dobrev
Riley Keough
Alicia Vikander
Indya Moore
Jennifer Connelly

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