How you Survive NYE

New Year’s Eve may be the most eventful and exciting night of the year, but there can be a lot of pressure to have fun or keep everything in place. Don’t fret—we’ve got you covered. From planning to actually party, here are some tips and tricks for your best NYE yet:

Keep your phone in your person all the time

New Year’s Eve is the one event when phones get lost, stolen, or misplaced all the time. If you can, try to keep your phone near you. Better yet, have it with you in a strap or bag always.

Install proper apps

Apps for hotel bookings, cab bookings, navigation, and phone finders are especially handy this time of year!

Don’t drink too much

NYE isn’t complete without completely getting loose, but don’t be so drunk you don’t know how to get home anymore. Balance is always key.

Have a great time!

The pressure of NYE to be the perfect night is a lot—and that shouldn’t be the case at all! Break down your expectations and just let things be. You’ll find out that life is better that way.

Reign in the new year with great energy. Happy 2020!