Here's How You Prevent Travel Burnout

If you frequent traveling, you might already know what travel burnout is. On the off chance, however, it’s basically the loss of everything you find exciting about travel. It doesn’t happen quite easily, mostly it appears on the third or fourth stop of your long-awaited vacation where everything just seems off, bad, or annoying.

How do you even prevent something like that?

Plan shorter trips

It’s all too common for travelers to get weary as quickly when they schedule a month-long (or more) kind of trip. To avoid travel burnout, know that short trips are key to enjoying the whole thing. You won’t get as much coverage as an extended trip, but you get to see what’s important in an optimal amount of time.

Don’t hit everything too slow or too fast

Every traveler — new or not — still make this mistake. They either get into things too fast on their list or do anything to slow. You’re at risk for travel burnout if you don’t find your pace.

Try “living” where you are

Instead of touring places after you settle down in your lodging area, why not try living with the locals? This way, you get to know the people in the place you’re visiting, and you get a little more perspective.

Travel burnout is like any other thing; a result of doing something too much or long. Be kind to yourself and take necessary breaks if possible.