Fresh 2020 Makeup Trends To Try

Fashion week has set some beautiful makeup looks we’re about to see everywhere this year. From bold choices to light and neutral picks, you’re sure to find something that fits your definition of chic and trendy for 2020!

Colored Mascara

Image Courtesy: ImaxTree via StyleCaster

Makeup for 2020 will definitely be as playful as we want it to be! With colored lashes of vibrant colors, what else could we ask for?

All Over Gloss


Image Courtesy: Her Campus via Pinterest

Glosses have had a big comeback this year! With better formulas and non-sticky options on the market, it’s now viable to be applied on the eyes, lips, and even cheeks.


Image Courtesy: Shay Mitchell via Instagram

Pops of neon will be seen in eyeliners, eye makeup, and other brightly-themed looks you might want to cop this year.

Bold = Pink

Image Courtesy: Brandy Allen via Instagram

We might’ve thought bold screams red, but it’s pink this season! Eyeshadow, lip stain, and bold pink cheeks are in this new year.

Have you seen anything you might wanna steal for a fresh, new beginning? Be creative—as are most of beauty and makeup trends of 2020!