For all the women who had no choice but to be strong.

Many single mothers weren’t as vocal as to what happened to them in the past that made them the strong independent women that they are right now. But surely the people close to them know they have struggled. But the depth of how much they struggled? Nobody knows... Not even their moms, their dads nor their best friend.

Only the walls of their room, God if He was watching and hearing their groans at that time and perhaps their one-month-old baby which may have been a big boy right now.

They struggled in silence holding back every tear because they can't wake their babies who have kept them wide awake for the last 48 hours while they are waiting for their birth stitches to heal. There was no source of strength and that one guy who was supposed to share all those with her was nowhere near help.

It became a one-woman show.

Like all the others that have been left, single moms.

The woman who had to wallow by herself at the doctor's office while surrounded by happy expecting couples.

The woman who has her best girl friend sign the waiver during her birth operation after driving her laboring self to the hospital.

The woman who had to love two people. Her child and that cheating husband, herself not included, But eventually had to let go because it's like killing herself every day trying to keep the family intact.

The woman who had to work days after giving birth to make sure to bring a brighter future for the baby. To give her all that she needs and never feel incomplete just because one part of the family cannot join her journey.

The woman who has tried sharing her sorrows to people and that they may not commit the same mistakes.

The woman who has to face herself in the mirror and say her future is no longer as she has planned when she was young beautiful unscarred and single.

The woman who keeps on trying to be a man just because she needs to. Needs to fill in the father's role in family days at school or carry her child who's pretending to be flying - that 8-kilo heavy child.

The woman who after crying in the bathroom, wanting to give up in life, will go out. Ready to cook, ready to sing the ABC, ready to clean up the Lego scattered all over the house.

The woman who instead of seeking true love and devotion would just settle for acceptance because being a single mother felt as if it lessens their worth as a woman in the dating scene.

The woman who has been preparing the answers to the dreaded question, "Where is my dad?". Depending on the age the kid asks.

The woman who had to keep a straight face while people darted judgmental stares as she walks past them with her shopping bags.

The women who after years of struggle and deep seethed scars in their hearts and their souls woke up one day and decided she will be happy.

The woman who has inspired other women that a vagina doesn't stop you from being a father.

The women who saw the ugly as beautiful. I meant stretch marks as battle scars.

The women who had the prettiest smiles because they worked on and perfected those smiles for too long.

The women who remained heroes and brought us up in this world and made us the literate and valuable people we are now.

I salute you!

Not because I'm one of you...

But because you are somebody that sperm donor will never be.

A hero.

A role model to your daughter.

The most beautiful woman to your son.

A force to be reckoned with.

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