Flying with Style

Flying With Style: Flight Attendants Whose Instagrams Will Give You Fashion Inspiration

Secret’s out: Flight attendants have it made. They might be about technical know-how when they’re on duty, but they get to work with perks that do not come with any job—that and aesthetically-pleasing feeds with killer style moments to boot.

These jet-setters know that travel and fashion go hand in hand, which is why Instagram is such a blessing from above. We have their carefully-curated accounts to consult for inspired posts, great lighting, and OOTDs. From scenic shots to potential mood board inspiration, here are some of the best Insta-famous flight attendants to follow:


Image Courtesy: @MJ_ek

When 25-year-old MJ isn’t occupied with her job as a cabin crew for Emirates, she’s busy running her YouTube vlog on everything flying, makeup, and personal care. She originally hails from Berlin but is currently loving life in Dubai.


Image Courtesy: @fabforam

Currently employed by Qatar Airways, Foram definitely has the travel bug. She’s situated in India but is usually all over the world living her best life with rocking outfits on picturesque places and posting anything that piques her interest in fashion, photography, and lifestyle.



Image Courtesy: @cindy.sun.shine

True to her name, seasoned flight attendant Cindy has brought light to 89 countries she’s ever visited. She’s presently based in Los Angeles and is continuously documenting her fabulous life both as a trendsetter and a style maven.


Image Courtesy: @kikikeerati

Thai flight attendant Kiki works for Emirates Dubai. Her feed is all about the finer things of travel, beauty, fashion, and everything she enjoys about life. She’s been to various countries thanks to her career—all evidently displayed (and rightfully so) on her social accounts.

In any case, travel is a state of mind. Great clothes and picture-perfect sceneries might help, but know that great travel experiences only come with the right outlook almost all the time.