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“You have what it takes to be a victorious, fearless, independent woman.” 

What a world we live in!  Several instances with several solutions, several attitudes embodied within several individuals. That’s a perfect way of describing this beautiful earth you and I live in. What exactly backs up such a statement?  That’s a good one, ladies or women which one defines you perfectly at the moment all seem to have this certain behavior. Most ladies out there seem to switch from that awesome and fearless girl they used to be to a new brand individual who becomes fearful and also sad based on several issues or the other.

What could lead to such drastic change?  Even the world we live in changes such as time, weather conditions and many more. So much is bound to happen to anyone based on if such Individual allows such to prevail. Most teenagers of today are easily influenced by a lot of things especially in this computing world we into with platforms such as social media, TV shows, movies, internet and by doing so possibly warrant such behavior from prevailing. Do you know despite such some teenagers still trying to overcome that fearless girl they once were from becoming a fearful teen?  

“Sarah is a teenager just like you but despite all hindrances, peer pressure she still got that fearless girl in her” do you know what she did?  All she did was to open up to every female adult out there who she encounters be it her mum, teacher and also surfing on the internet for things such as how to overcome being a fearful teenager, how to go about the development stage of a woman, the relationship issues, all sort of things most teens like you go through which keeps frightening  and always making you sad”

 So definitely you can adopt such an act also!! 

How exactly can we put an end to this?  Well, we women are the only solution to overcoming things that most teens are going through which makes them feel uncomfortable and sad always. In order to put an end to a fearless girl becoming a fearful teen, we need to be ready to hear them out always, such as bringing up issues they could be going through and also how to end those silly mistakes they keep making.  I also suggest introducing them to platforms such as Rites for girls and girls journeying together  which has really helped a lot of teens such as I back then in overcoming things that could lead to them becoming fearful and sad as a teenager. 

Women are known to be warriors, let’s pick up our shield 

By protecting our daughters, teenagers, little girls out there from that unhappiness and fear they are going through.  Let’s make them believe in themselves by knowing what it takes towards turning into that Beautiful and fearless woman they ought to be.