Fashion Stockings - How to Wear the right Stockings

Fashion stockings are true sexy style fixers. Slip them on and you'll feel like a fox and you'll definitely give your partner some visual pleasure. Whether it be vintage stockings, black or glossy stockings, they're sure to give your outfit an instant touch of glamour! 

Black Vintage Fashion Stockings

Black Nylon Stockings from Secrets in Lace

This page will provide you with what, where and how's of gorgeous womens stockings, from versatile to sexy types, for work and play. You'll find handy tips on the right way to wear them - from how to connect them to a garter belt and other practical advice. I've also gathered some of the best fashion stockings styles that are guaranteed to give your legs an extra lift.

But first let's start with the basics.. 

Fashion Stockings Essentials

Stockings are much more convenient than pantyhose, and they're an absolute must if you're in your skirts and dresses most of your time, or just want to wear practical hosiery on special occasions.

You can find them in all sorts of colors, patterns and finishes. But if there's one type you absolutely need to stay covered then it must be stockings in basic, sheer fabric - one pair of nude and black stockings. Wear them to work, parties, special occasions.. you name it! 

They're versatile and timeless, giving you that sexy look in a snap! Black stockings are also great to slim down full legs and elongate short legs. It's up to you if you want to buy them with lace band or not - I suggest buying one pair with lace (makes you feel extra pretty!) and another pair that are office work friendly.

Sheer stockings that blend with your skin tone are perfect with your summer skirts and dresses and are much comfortable than pantyhose. 

 Note: Fashion stockings are meant to be worn with a garter belt but luckily, they're available in styles that do not require it! 

These are called hold-ups and have bands of elastic at the top of the thigh that keep the stockings from rolling down your legs. It's practical and saves time.

Have Fun with Stockings!

After securing the essentials stockings, you're ready to experiment with other fashionable styles, that reflect your personal style and fires up your attractiveness in a dress or skirt ;) 

Courtesy of MyTights,

Have fun with lace, fishnet, thigh band bows, back seams, lace ups, stripes and swirls, opaques and sheers!

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How to Wear Fashion Stockings

Speaking of garter belts, if you're wearing stockings as a part of a daily outfit, the best way to look presentable in public is to wear them with a dress or skirt that falls just above your knee. Make sure that the skirt or dress is long enough to avoid letting the top band show when sitting down.

However, if you're wearing stockings for parties and pleasure, you can get more creative and daring! For a sexy yet tasteful look wear a slightly shorter hemline than what you usually do so that if you cross your legs it will reveal enough skin to entice ;-)

But to avoid looking tacky, make sure it doesn't show skin while you're standing. It should only reveal your thighs when sitting or crossing your legs. 

How to Wear Fashion Stockings with Garter Belt

1. Wear the stockings beneath a skirt or dress.

2. Pull the garter belt up to your hips.

3. Adjust the straps so the front straps are 2 inches shorter than the back straps and 1 inch shorter than the straps on the sides.

It causes a little pull in the front of the stockings, but prevents them from showing when you sit down.

4. For a fast pee when you're at the restroom, remember to put your panties on last when you wear stockings. If you forget to do this then everything has to come off including the stockings and garter belt.