Confidence in whatever you wear

Style is whatever you want to do if you can do it with confidence.


A lot of women today are fighting for women rights and are giving their all just to make their voices heard. However, don’t you think girls dragging down other girls for the clothes they wear would support our fight for equality for women? Let’s stop the hate and let us, as women, support each other no matter the choices of clothes we have.

No, there is no perfect body for the perfect clothes. If you can rock that cropped top despite your stretch marks on your belly, go and wear that cropped top. If you want to wear those cute short shorts but worrying about your wobbly legs, just flaunt those legs and wear whatever you want. Women must start helping each other empower our gender for we’ve already been oppressed and degraded enough by the male species. Wearing whatever we like and having our sisters support us as we confidently strut on the streets is the kind of energy we all need. Humans are designed with the ability to move their eyes and head; by all means, if you don’t like what you’re seeing, just keep it to yourself and turn the other cheek. Or better yet, why not tell your sister what outfit might go well with what she’s already wearing just to give it a little more flavor or accent; wouldn’t that be much better than throwing shade at each other?

Wearing whatever you want, may it be too revealing or to enclose is your choice and no one else’s. Never let anyone dull the shine you’re having as you walk confidently with the ensemble you’ve put on this morning. Be you, do you! What matters is your confidence, what makes you bring out the confident woman in you!