Born to Travel: Wanderlust


Born to Travel: Wanderlust

Flight Attendants with Wanderlust filled Instagrams

Social media and travel are a perfect match made in heaven. People who wish to travel to places in their bucket list but can’t afford to or are too busy, won’t have to step outside their houses with these flight attendants’ Instagram photos.


From the comfort of your own home, these flight attendants will take you on their adventures around the world just by looking at their IG photos.  

Their accounts are filled with places worthy to be seen in person, and by checking out their recent travels, you will certainly get a glimpse of how beautiful the world is! 

You may even find yourself planning on your very first trip if you haven’t traveled yet. 

 Hopefully, these flight attendants’ wanderlust for life and travel rub on you. 

Shazni Shazwani


A jetsetter from Malaysia, Shazni uses her talent for photography on her travels as a flight attendant and shares her cool snaps of her recent adventures on Instagram to give you a real wanderlust vibe.




A flight attendant from Lufthansa Airlines, she loves spending a decent amount of her me time on the beach. Several beaches, in fact. If you’re looking for something colorful on your feed, be sure to check out her Instagram for her latest travels.




Coming from Mumbai, Foram works as a flight attendant for Qatar Airways exploring the skies from her travels on hot air balloons in Turkey or the famous windmills in Amsterdam. 



Sharing her best moments from Iceland and all over the world, Hildur shows how cool it is to be a flight attendant and being a mother.



Cabin crew from Delta, she loves to travel “one layover at a time” whether it’s Scotland, Italy, or Egypt. Shannon shares her adventures on her Instagram, as well as keeping a blog and recently published a Guide to Cuba. 




The 22-year-old Russian flight attendant based in Omsk currently works for S7 Airlines. Giving the world a glimpse of her world, Eli shares her adventures of snowy lands and beyond. 



Elisa is a flight attendant for Lufthansa currently based in Hamburg, but you may not see her in that city for long as she travels around enjoying brunch with her friends and reading books while floating in the Dead Sea.

Brigita Jagelavuciute


A Lithuanian gal working at Emirates, Brigita is full of personality that she showcases in amazing posts on her Instagram feed that gives you a little taste of what the world can offer you.



Whether it’s sailing around the island of Mallorca in Spain, paragliding in Rio de Janeiro or lounging on the beautiful beaches of Montego Bay, Jamaica, Emirates cabin crew Cindy will be sure to bring you along on her adventures around the world.

Be a wanderlust dreamer. Stay fabulous and feel glamorous on your IG worthy travels with Ooh La Laa.