10 Tips to Wear Tights

Regardless of the season, tights should be a staple in any girl’s closet. It’s chic, versatile, and flattering. You can either mix it with any outfit you might be thinking of donning or throw it on with some casual top if you don’t feel like dolling up—and guess what? You’ll remain looking stylish without exerting too much work.

Whether you’re looking for inspired ways to up your looks or just plain curious on creative tips to get a bit of warmth, read on:

  1. Black tights are universal. Any black opaque tight goes with anything. Flowy blouses, layered tops, short dresses, shorts, and skirt ensembles are made more fashionable with the right warmers.

  2. Bold-colored tights are best worn loud. If you have a pair that’s got a vibrant print, don’t be afraid to wear it with attention-snagging clothes. Statement pieces come with strong presence. Embrace prints!

  3. Tights can be worn under ripped pants. It’s a lesser-known thing that tights can be worn underneath pants, but they work just as well as your more traditional use of tights! They’ll also look like socks if you wear open-toed footwear.

  4. White tights make colors pop. White tights make for fresh and original pairings. They don’t just make multi-colored clothes stand out, they complement bold shoes as well.

  5. Bejeweled fishnets sparkle. Fishnets don’t just go with monochromatic clothes, they can also be fun with whimsical designs that glitter.

  6. Color-blocking will never be out of style. Up your schoolgirl outfit with solid-colored tights and maybe some vintage shoes.

  7. Go retro. Wearing a red pair of tights will give any mix of clothes elevated vibes.

  8. Choose the classic shorts and pullover combo. If you’re not up for anything “extra,” wear comfortable tights to warm your legs for casual outings.

  9. Keep it classy with layered clothes and boots. Ankle boots and some winter tops do very well with black or gray tights.

  10. Trench coats and tights always go together. Be it opaque, black, or colored, tights have never looked better with sharp coats. For additional edge, add some designer sunglasses.

It’s almost always challenging to be fashionable, especially if you don’t have an extensive wardrobe. Keep experimenting! After all, tights suit just about anyone and anything.


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